Wedowallpaper is a wallpaper company – if that’s not perfectly clear. Experience it for yourself and you’ll see that this is not your grandmother’s wallpaper (not that your grandma wasn’t cool). If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our PatternsDIY-Friendly EZ Papes or full wall murals and get some YouDoStyle on your walls.





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We are a family owned, family run business operating out of our base in Portglenone, Northern Ireland. Our father founded OB Construction.  To which us sons have added their own skills to the business and so; was born: Eden Fabrications, Sign Time, Wedosafetysigns and the amazing Wedowallpaper.  Our OBoyle family is growing with the business, we understand a family’s needs. Our homes are changing with weddings, children, moving! As our business changed with growth so did the landscape of the building, adding in the different brands. We understand our customers because we are living it!