Why bespoke?


The latest trends in wall coverings in a wide range of unique and innovative products.


There are thousands of patterns, colors and textures and pictures that Wedowallpaper can offer. Polka dots, plaid, floral, geometric shapes and many other patterns to meet your decorating needs and personal style. Textured wall coverings can add depth and dimension to your walls which paint cannot. Some new wallpaper even has beading, sequins, lace, and ribbons that add more drama and style to a bare wall. We dare you!

You can even coordinate your wallpaper with your fabrics, so everything in your home is cohesive. It’s a wonderful way to bring elegant style to any room in your home. The list is endless but heres a few to get you thinking...why not!

  • its unique to you
  • use your own photographs
  • we can match your colours
  • create an interactive learning space for your kids
  • quick & easy to install
  • cover any wall, any size
  • custom design service
  • scribbles... no longer a problem




Amazing walls. Pain-free process. 

Design + Color + Manufacturing expertise for healthcare, hospitality, retail, corporate, and more. Our custom commercial wall coverings program is an ideal solution for architects, interior designers, and business owners seeking to create a unique environment. We offer complete custom interior graphics design & manufacturing as well as expert contract printing services at competitive rates. Learn More at our fully fitted offices.  


  • Extraordinary, high-resolution, print-ready designs that are only available at Wedowallpaper. 
  • Ready to specify as-is or adapt to your needs. Customize design & color. Customize layouts & sizing. Or we can create a new design tailored to your needs and creative vision. 
  • Archives of thousands more designs available to specify as digitally produced wallcovering.


  • While we carry a complete line of premium vinyls, PVC-Free Type II wallcovering, and specialty wallcovering materials, we have the ability to print on almost any substrate, as well as offer new options for lamination. 
  • Clear & Frosted Window Films 
  • Sound Absorption Solutions
  • Rigid Wall Protection Materials 
  • Polycarbonates & Acrylic Sheets 
  • Laminates & Wood Veneers 
  • Many, Many More…


  • With nearly two decades of experience in the commercial contract market, we’ve become experts at our craft. From accuracy and quality to robust communication, we work tirelessly to ensure that each job is completed smoothly and efficiently - on time, on budget, and headache free.


  • Expert quality control; we have a deep understanding of the commercial wallcoverings industry and it's unique printing and color challenges.
  • Low minimum quantities and affordable short production runs.
  • A wide array of printable materials.